October 28, 2009

Please pass the popcorn

Today we were fortunate enough to spend the morning at a local park, complete with a picnic lunch, with our good friends, the Hemsworths (Kate we missed you). Our toddlers reminded us that it really is the simple things that make the world go around; in this case, it's called Smartfood Popcorn. Delish!

October 26, 2009

Bee Patient

Addie is having a hard time waiting until Trick or Treat to wear her bee costume; we had to try it on today to make sure it still fit. The best part about this bee outfit is that it only cost $1 at a rummage sale this summer!! I'm selling it for $10 if you're interested.

October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Art

October 13, 2009

Dog Park

We decided it was only fair to take Mac (yes, we still have him) to dog park for some full filled frolicking! He didn't refuse. Before Addie was born, Mac went to dog park at least once a day, and sometimes, twice. Poor Mac; the city streets and sidewalks are no comparison. Much to our surprise, we realized that an old dog can teach a young girl new tricks; Addie is now able to lift her leg and tinkle. Who needs a potty when you've got a low slung pricker bush on hand?! Thanks, Mac!

October 12, 2009

Snowy Pumpkins

Saturday was October 10th, which, in theory, is an ideal time to hit the pumpkin farm. When we left the house, the sun was still shining (well, sort of), but by the time we go to our destination, it was SNOWING. Needless to say, after having driven for nearly 45 minutes, we were NOT about to give up on having some pumpkin fun. We were going to go on a hay ride if it was the last thing we did; it WAS the last thing we did because we were so frozen at the end that we couldn't possibly fathom more time spent outdoors. I guess it's all part of the experience, and it was all topped off by a fun and treat filled trip to Culver's!