August 22, 2012


   PiƱata instructions

   Notice the yawning...really?

   THE cake and the culprit

We celebrated Addie's birthday on Sunday! It was a drama filled event from the beginning:

-I fell off of the curb while carrying the cake out of the bakery (skinned knee and an unscathed cake)

- The pool portion of the party started at 1pm; as we pulled in the parking lot, it started to pour, thunder, and lightening

-It cleared briefly to have snacks and do the piƱata

- BEES....a LOT of BEES

- The cake was cut and my friend thought she was choking on frosting and eventually left in the ambulance

_ The thunder and rain returned as Addie started to open gifts; we all huddled under two little canopies to avoid being drenched.

The bright side: Addie will always remember her 5th birthday, and although it was wet, the circumstances didn't put a damp-er on her fun!

August 21, 2012

Meet Jack

Meet Jack!

He's a black and tan furry little dude who will let you do almost anything with him. He goes for walks in purses and spends lots and lots of time being cuddled by a very proud 5 year old. He is the best "toy" to enter our house in a long, long time!

August 15, 2012


happy 5 BIG years to our sweet girl!

you are perfect in every way. EVERY day!

August 3, 2012

Old Man

He may be old, but he can still fetch a stick with the best of 'em....just twice rather than 100 times.