November 28, 2012

LOVE these girlies!

November 24, 2012

Addie finally lost her first tooth; that thing had been loose since August and she refused to wiggle it or let us touch it at all. That also meant that her tooth brush couldn't touch it either. Yes, that's right...those bottom teeth weren't brushed for a solid two months. EW!!! Anyway, it finally met its demise on Thanksgiving Day. The Tooth Fairy came. She left her $10. Clearly the recession hasn't hit the land of fairies yet! I've been wiggling my teeth ever since; I need Christmas money!!

November 1, 2012

Halloween is a big thing here in the Midwest; it's almost a month long process. We did two nights of trick or treating. On the first night Addie was a "girl riding a unicorn". She wanted this costume when she saw it on Target's website, but when she saw her friends wearing princess dresses, the unicorn got the boot. Needless to say, the following night, she was Cinderella and the unicorn went to bed hungry.