June 28, 2012


Don't let the sweet face and adorable ears fool you.

This was a trip of firsts for us:

First time I've ever been bucked of a mule
First time we've slept in a tent outside....all of us.....one tent......
First time Addie and I have been to North Dakota
First time Addie has had a Happy Meal....and liked it......(chicken nuggets)
First time Addie has been to the Mall of America

First, and hopefully not the last, time Addie been to this gorgeous farm and to Great Grandma's house! 

A BIG thank you to the Johnstons for letting us pretend to be country folk for a few days. It is highly addicting!

Great Grandma VanderWeg

We drove and drove and drove in our "nini-van" to visit Great Grandma! If you're wondering where we travled, just click here

We loved seeing her and I think she loved seeing us, too. We were able to spend some  quality time with this gentle soul, and it made the hours of travel so worth it. Addie was able to impress her with her gymnastics moves and give her lots of hugs. 

June 24, 2012


We drove for a LONG time yesterday to get to this heavenly place!
Sheep. Chickens. Horses. A black dog named Murphy. An adorable mule (best lookin' mule I've ever seen) named Ruby. 
She hauled Addie around the yard several times and was a great sport about it. Addie wanted to ride her because she was the "girl horse". Today we will return to ride one the "boys". 

We went to our hotel smelling like a farm and we loved every second of it!

June 23, 2012

Road trip

One happy girl in her "nini-van"!!!

June 22, 2012


Addie won (or lost depending on your perspective) a fish at her school festival this afternoon. Her name is Lizzy or Goldie and she seems to poop a lot. I hear the life span of these things is either two days or 30 years.  Addie wants to feed it popcorn.....I'm thinking a 3 day life span sounds about right.

June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to my favorite dads!!

June 14, 2012

berry pickin'

Perfect strawberry picking weather today!