July 29, 2012

We drove over the river and through the woods (literally) to see "Sarah -the horse". Yes, her name is Sarah...that's her barn name that she came with when she was a 2 year old. She's 23 now and is still as sweet as ever. She loves you right back and if you give her a few treats, she loves you a little more.

Addie rode; I rode....Addie even trotted and thought that was super fun. We rode in the rain and didn't care. I'll speak for all three of us and will say that we can't wait until next time!

July 23, 2012

Wicked cute....

July 22, 2012

evening fishing

July 19, 2012


It doesn't get much better than this! Happy kids, happy dog, happy parents.

read worthy

I don't usually post about things I love, but I couldn't not share this book (if you go out and read it, you'll know exactly why). I drove for 20 hours to Maine the other day and spent most of those hours listening to this book. When the book was finished, I frantically searched iTunes for her podcasts. If you go here, you can find them.  Choose # 36. 

For me to describe what you'll find in this book would never do it justice; instead, I'll let you search it out, because when you do, you'll understand why I had to share it and why you have to read it.

Happy reading (or listening). 

July 13, 2012

the gymnast

14 days until the opening ceremonies; we should be ready by then.

July 11, 2012

Little bud

If she could fit him in her pocket and take him everywhere, she would! 

July 6, 2012


NYC was a blast!!
We had a few brushes with fame: Pat Benatar (who apparently is on tour this summer, and if you'd like to see her in concert, click here).
Chris Hansen of "To Catch a Predator" was strolling out of NBC Studios.
Stephen Baldwin was helping his mother or grandmother (we're not quite sure) out of their car for the big wedding. Last but not least, Alec Baldwin; what's with the belabored walk?

We ran in Central Park (one of the highlights), walked and walked and walked, rode the subway, played with makeup at Sephora, drank lots of coffee, ate delicious food here, and did lots of laughing!

We've told ourselves that we will do this every summer. Twist my arm.